Dallas Professional Liability Defense Attorneys

To protect consumers and the general public, professionals in many fields are held to very high standards. While such laws are important for public safety, a lawsuit can seriously damage the reputation, or even end the career, of a well-meaning professional.

At Stanton Serbousek Law Firm, our attorneys defend clients in Dallas and throughout Texas against malpractice professional liability claims. With a thorough understanding of employment law, and an impressive record of favorable verdicts and settlements, our professional liability lawyers have the knowledge and skills to handle your case effectively and efficiently.

Effective Professional Liability Defense

Founded in 1995, we are primarily a litigation firm with an emphasis on litigation defense. As a small law firm with experience in a broad range of legal areas, we offer defense services to:

  • Architects and engineers who may be held liable for flaws in design or execution of a project
  • Attorneys who have been accused of malpractice
  • Officers and directors of corporations, who are responsible for the success of the corporation

At Stanton Serbousek Law Firm, we understand the needs and concerns of these and other professionals, and can act to minimize or deny liability when disputes arise. We can also ensure that you understand your legal obligations — ensure that you are compliant with current laws, to help you avoid disputes — and represent you in disciplinary hearing with your licensing body.

What Makes Stanton Serbousek Law Firm, Different?

  • We treat your business like it's our business — we're respectful of your time and your money, focusing on cost-effective and efficient solutions.
  • We are committed to exceptional client service, and always strive to exceed expectations.
  • We are aggressive attorneys with a reputation for taking cases to trial.
  • We have an excellent reputation: One-third of our new clients are referred to us by one of our satisfied (former) clients.

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