Experienced Litigators Handling Issues Related To Independent Contractors

When it comes to independent contractors, the law can be complex and fact-specific. A great deal depends on the nature of business relationships — what was expected, what was given and what was said.

At Stanton Serbousek Law Firm, we help businesses and individuals sort through these complexities. Our Dallas, Texas, law firm provides legal counsel for clients who are embroiled in disputes related to independent contractors. We also provide guidance in related transactional matters, helping our clients make solid decisions about how their businesses are organized.

If you are facing a business issue related to independent contractor classifications, unpaid wages and overtime, we can put our experience to work for you. Lawyers at our firm have in-depth legal knowledge of these matters. We know the law and the strategies that work best to resolve disputes quickly and effectively.

Representation For Employers

Many of the employers we represent come to us after a claim has been filed against them by a former independent contractor. The contractor claims that he or she was misclassified and demands compensation. We help employers navigate these complex employment lawsuits and avoid many of the consequences, including the steep penalties that come with a finding of misclassification.

If you are in legal trouble — or believe that you might be — it is critical to contact our attorneys sooner rather than later. We can help you minimize the consequences of related wage-and-hour claims. We can also help businesses who simply seek legal guidance when choosing how to classify their workers.

Representation For Individuals

If you are an "independent contractor" who is working at a business that tightly controls the hours you work, the requirements you must follow and the way you are treated, it is likely that you have been misclassified.

While some businesses make legitimate mistakes in organization, others deliberately misclassify workers in order to cut costs. Simply put, business leaders think they can treat workers like employees that they do not have to pay overtime and other benefits when they call those workers "independent contractors."

As a worker, the law allows you to hold businesses accountable. Our law firm can help you take on your employer or former employer so you can get the taxes and financial damages that you are entitled to. If you think you're not getting overtime or proper wages for work you're doing and you're an independent contractor, contact our firm for help.

Our fees are very competitive, and our staff works to resolve your legal matters efficiently. You may visit our office in Uptown Dallas from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays, and at other times by appointment. Call 214-559-3232 to get started.