Commercial Collections

Past-due debt is dead weight — a liability for the company. When businesses or consumers fail to comply with payment agreements, it can be burdensome and frustrating to small and large businesses alike.

Serving Business Creditors Throughout Texas

Your business provides a valuable product or service and your customers count on you to help make their business successful. When you deliver according to the terms of the contract or sales agreement, you have the right to be paid according to the financial terms. You should not have to walk away from the money you are owed from your customer.

We know the law — we know the drill. We allow you to get back to business — while we focus on recovering overdue debt obligations.

If you own or operate a business in Texas and need help with commercial collections, call Stanton Serbousek Law Firm. From offices in Dallas, our lawyers provide legal counsel for business clients throughout Texas. Call us at 214-559-3232 to arrange a consultation with an experienced Dallas commercial debt collections attorney at our law firm.

Protecting Commercial Creditors' Rights

Since opening our doors in 1995, our business law firm been helping businesses recover the money they have extended on credit to their customers. When clients come to us, they expect our firm to resolve their debt collection matter efficiently and cost-effectively. We use all available means to recover our clients' business debt in an expedited fashion. You have the right to recover the money you are owed, but we never forget that business relationships are often fragile and require a firm but fair touch. Initially, we attempt to contact the debtor and send payment demand letters. However, if amicable tactics are not successful, we bring collection litigation to the courthouse.

In which case, we help our clients recover the debt through:

  • Repossession of the goods or collateral
  • Lien filings
  • Post-judgment execution sales
  • Other prejudgment or post-judgment remedies

As experienced debt collection attorneys, we can assure our clients that the process adheres to regulations set forth in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

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